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As A New School Year Begins, Members Have Another Chance to Help

(NATICK, MASSACHUSETTS)--JULY 19, 2004--Project Perú, Inc., a non-profit aid organization focused on the welfare of Peruvian children, is thrilled to announce the continued academic success of Ms. Elizabeth Champi, the inaugural recipient of the Project Perú Scholarship Fund.

Since enrolling as a social services major at Massachusetts Bay Community College in the fall of 2003, Elizabeth has taken full advantage of the opportunities afforded her by the Project Perú Scholarship Fund.

In the fall of 2003, Elizabeth took the highest level of English as a Second Language (ESL) as required, as well as Psychology and Introduction to Social Welfare. In the spring, she took five classes including her final ESL courses as well as Introduction to Sociology; LifeSpan Psychology; and Disabilities, Diagnosis and Intervention. Elizabeth’s ESL class improved her writing skills and gave her an opportunity to meet other students from different cultures. Elizabeth’s Psychology and Introduction to Social Welfare courses gave her greater insight into what her future career will entail. Her Social Welfare course also provided her with an opportunity to observe and work in many environments where she may seek a career.

As the 2004 school year begins, Project Perú would like to remind its members that it relies on their generosity to sustain the Project Perú Scholarship Fund. Throughout the year, Project Perú members can ensure the continued success of the Project Perú Scholarship Fund by donating during the organization’s fund drive or at the many annual Project Perú events.

In October, Project Perú will kick off its annual fund drive with a Perúvian Festival featuring live Incan music, dancing and Perúvian food and drink. Further details will be available to Project Perú members in the coming months.


Project Perú, Inc. is a development charity focused on empowering Perúvian children through health care and education programs. The organization does so by implementing projects designed to fortify the family and community-based systems on which children’s wellness and education depend. Since 1999, Project Perú has engaged in several community development projects including the construction of a park, the building of a clinic and restoration of a school in the Lima, Perú area. The organization partners with several corporate and non-profit organizations, but is free of any governmental or religious interests as a 501(c)(3) charity organization in the United States and a designated O.N.G. charity in Perú.

Project Perú is based in Natick, Massachusetts and has offices in Washington, DC and Lima, Perú.

For further information please contact:
Stephen Drake
(508) 333-3300



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