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Project Peru Announces Ground Breaking Project to benefit community

Project Peru begins construction of park, soccer fields and playgrounds

Lima, Peru, March 29, 2001– Project Perú, Inc., a non-profit aid organization focused on the welfare of Peruvian children announces the inauguration of the first stage of a park, soccer fields and playgrounds located at the Asentamiento Humano “Portales de Puruchuco” in Ate Vitarte.

After analyzing several communities’ needs in Lima and evaluating the viability of this kind of project, Project Peru signed an agreement with the municipality of Ate Vitarte in February 2000 to build this community park of approximately 1 acre (4,000 square meters). The park is expected to be completed by May 2001.

In building this park to give back to the people of “Portales de Puruchuco”, Project Peru hopes to build hope and a renewed sense of community. Children, who kick up dust and rocks, will now be able to kick soccer balls and compete in other games and activities. Mothers and fathers can relish in the fact that their children will have a safe, positive place to develop. And still others will have trees and shade to sit under and grass to walk through – all at a place that they will be able to call their own.

This park will also benefit the Puruchuco community beyond the green walls of the community park. The construction of this park was done in conjunction with future planning of electricity, water and sewerage. This thoughtful planning will provide the area with the infrastructure needed to accelerate the installation of such services.

“Project Peru’s plan is to keep contributing to communities in need through education and healthcare partnership projects to provide improvements to the lives of children, their families and their communities. I invite people and companies interested in supporting our ongoing projects to contact us,” announced Stephen Drake, Project Peru’s co-founder and President.

About Project Peru
Project Perú, Inc. is a development charity focused on empowering Perúvian children through health care and education programs. The organization does so by implementing projects designed to fortify the family and community-based systems on which children’s wellness and education depend. Since 1999, Project Perú has engaged in several community development projects including the construction of a park, the building of a clinic and restoration of a school in the Lima, Perú area. The organization partners with several corporate and non-profit organizations, but is free of any governmental or religious interests as a 501(c)(3) charity organization in the United States and a designated O.N.G. charity in Perú.

Project Perú is based in Natick, Massachusetts and has offices in Washington, DC and Lima, Perú.

For further information please contact:
Stephen Drake
(508) 333-3300


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