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Project Peru Program Focus

Project Peru's healthcare program provides the urban poor of Lima and the surrounding communities with access to basic treatment and services. As an organization focused on eliminating the barriers to opportunity for the young people of Peru, our initiatives are focused on, but not limited to the needs of children with inadequate health services options.

What We Have Done
Project Peru strives to create an environment in which preventative medicine is readily available to those who need it. Our projects emphasize the role that community institutions such as families and schools play in providing consistent and sustainable access to health care. Examples of our healthcare program's accomplishments follow.

  • Project Peru has been the principal sponsor of a Doctor's Day in the City of Ate Vitarte, Peru. Project Peru has provided resources for doctors to provide free check-ups and also has delivered promotional, educational and preventative materials for families and their children. The professionals on hand who provided exams have included dentists, internists, psychologists and optometrists.
  • With the assistance of two European volunteers and a three-man crew of Peruvians, Project Peru built a three-room clinic next to a school in the Puruchuco neighborhood and across from a park Project Peru also constructed. The project was completed in about two weeks and enabled the old clinic to relocate into the new building and provided additional public utilization of the old space.
  • Project Peru has also facilitated significant donations of medical supplies and medication to clinics in the Lima area. Supplies provided in the past have included basic aids to regular health products, such as pain relievers and vitamins for children and adults.

What We Will Do
Project Peru is committed to seeing that the children of Peru can shape the course of their own lives free of unreasonable fear of preventable disease. With the help of partners, Project Peru plans to employ its network of physicians in future Doctor's Day events, provide basic medical supplies to community clinics and to evaluate and address the healthcare needs of its target communities.

Project Peru
Project Peru is a development charity focused on empowering Peruvian children through health care and education programs. The organization does so by implementing projects designed to fortify the family and community-based systems on which children’s wellness and education depend.

Project Peru is efficient, independent and accountable. None of the organization’s staff is paid, so all of our resources support program activities. The organization partners with several corporate and non-profit organizations, but is free of any political or religious interests as a 501(c)(3) organization in the United States and a designated O.N.G. charity in Peru.



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