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Scholarship Program
Project Peru Program Focus

Building on Project Peru's Education initiatives, Project Peru understands the challenge for young adults in Peru with limited means to afford a college education. Project Peru's Scholarship Program seeks to uplift and challenge those young adults with strong academic initiative, but minimal economic capacity. Our scholarship program provides an opportunity for qualified young adults to continue their secondary education at a higher institute of learning in the US or Peru.

What We Have Done
In January 2003, Project Peru announced its first recipient of its Scholarship Program. The following outlines Project Peru's first recipient:

  • A young woman from Lima, had recently graduated from high school. She was a brilliant student, with limited means and in the last few months before her graduation, her mother was stricken with cancer and passed away.
  • Project Peru recognized the brilliance in the student, her strong will to attend a college in the United States and her economic situation. The student fit the guidelines set up by the organization to receive a scholarship and agreed upon naming her the recipient.
  • Project Peru assisted in securing a student visa and provided tuition for the student at a Massachusetts school and will provide tuition for her completion of her studies.
  • The student is currently fulfilling her dream, achieving exceptional grades and pursuing her education in Social Services, a career her mother dedicated herself.

What We Will Do
Project Peru is committed to seeing that the children of Peru can pursue their hopes and dreams of receiving a quality education, without the barrier of economics. Through our scholarship program, Project Peru will seek out, assist and empower qualified candidates who have earned an opportunity to seek their goal of attending a higher education level, that may not have been previously available to them.

Project Peru
Project Peru is a development charity focused on empowering Peruvian children through health care and education programs. The organization does so by implementing projects designed to fortify the family and community-based systems on which children’s wellness and education depend.

Project Peru is efficient, independent and accountable. None of the organization’s staff is paid, so all of our resources support program activities. The organization partners with several corporate and non-profit organizations, but is free of any political or religious interests as a 501(c)(3) organization in the United States and a designated O.N.G. charity in Peru.



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